Friday, June 5th - Saturday June 6th 12PM-9PM EST

Virtua-Con Summer Edition June 5th & 6th


Virtua-Con welcomes worldwide convention superstars Tasty Peach as an official sponsor for our summer session!


New for summer: Guest Panels!


Day and Time

Featured Guest


Fri June 5th 1PM-2PM EST

Ryan Zanfei

Getting Started in Artist Alley

Fri June 5th 2PM-3PM EST

Chris Rager & Joshua Martin

“Happy Hour with Buu & Mr. Satan-A History of Anime’s Favorite Odd Couple ON AND OFFscreen for 25 years!”

Fri June 5th 3PM-4PM EST

Jason Meents

The Art of Creating “Tykes”

Fri June 5th 4PM-5PM EST

Ciarán Strange

Somewhere Under The Rainbow: Celebrating LGBTQ+ In Fandom!

Fri June 5th 5PM-6PM EST

Marcus Stimac

Opportunities in Acting

Fri June 5th 6PM-7PM EST

Brittany Lauda & Matt Shipman

Voice Acting Q&A

Fri June 5th 7PM-8PM EST

Professor ShyGuy

Chiptune Set

Fri June 5th 8PM-9PM EST

Kyle Hebert

Geek Talk


Day and Time

Featured Guest


Sat June 6th 1PM-2PM EST

Ryan Zanfei

Getting started with Twitch for Artists

Sat June 6th 2PM-3PM EST

Marcus Stimac

Making Soup with Marcus

Sat June 6th 3PM-4PM EST

Jason Meents

Making a Mashup

Sat June 6th 4PM-5PM EST

Professor ShyGuy

Acoustic Requests

Sat June 6th 5PM-6PM EST

Chris Rager & Joshua Martin

“The Life and Business of Voice Acting”

Sat June 6th 6PM-7PM EST

Ciarán Strange

Indie Book Publishing Secrets w/ International Bestseller K.T. Strange

Sat June 6th 7PM-8PM EST

Brittany Lauda & Matt Shipman

Gaming Stream: Voting to start at 6:45PM EST

Sat June 6th 8PM-9PM EST

Kyle Hebert

Q&A with Kyle Hebert

What is Virtua-Con?

Virtua-Con debuted online on April 11th, 2020 to rave reviews. The event site received over 6,000 views in 24 hours, and featured live streaming from over 30 artists, vendors and publishers over that time. Viewers joined the event from facebook, youtube and twitch, and were able to interact directly with all exhibitors. 

Virtua-Con returns for a summer session on June 5th and 6th, and we’ve made some imrpovements to streamline the experience for everyone. So what is changing?

The Takeover

While having multiple streaming platforms for Virtua-Con was exciting, it was also very complicated. Some platforms like facebook dropped streams due to connection or copyright issues, leaving presenters unaware that their streams had been interrupted. Exhibitors using Twitch, however, had the best overall experience, and attendance, for the event. Twitch users averaged about 3 times as many views as those using facebook or youtube. Because of this, we’re encouraging participants to stream through to give our attendees the best experience possible.

Why Twitch? Can I still use Youtube or Facebook?

As stated before, exhibitors gained the most exposure during our last event. This is no coincidence! Twitch offers a streaming experience that is very user friendly, and more subject based than subscriber based. This means that you’re more likely to be found on Twitch by a new user than on any other platform. Twitch also allows users to post a static image when they’re not streaming, which might not seem like a big deal, but it’s a great way to retain viewership. Many twitch users post a schedule as their static image to let people know when to come back. For our next event, we will still allow participants to stream through YouTube, but we will not be embedding streams from facebook. Facebook streams are too volatile to rely on for an event like ours. We will still be making facebook a big part of our event, however. We will have a special section dedicated to updates on who’s streaming on facebook as it’s happening. So our attendees will stil be made aware of your facebook stream, it just won’t be a part of the main floor grid. 

Not just a weekend, a full season of Virtua-Con!

Our first event was a huge success, and we know it left attendees and participants wanting more, so we’re giving you more. Beginning with our summer session, The Virtua-Con main floor page will remain active even after the weekend event has concluded. While this means that events such as panels and special discussions will be fewer and farther between, channels embedded in the main floor will remain active for attendees to check back with all season long. This is a great way for exhibitors to share an audience and grow their brand recognition. 

Rotation For Balanced Exposure

While we didn’t see a very significant difference in views based on placement in our last event, we don’t want placement to affect an exhibitors experience. We also want attendees to see a variety in our presentation, so for our next event, we’ll be rotating rows on the main floor every hour, so that every exhibitor gets equal time placed in the top row of their section. We’ll also be keeping the same rotation once a week during the rest of the season, so that a new top row will appear weekly, giving everyone equal, prominent exposure.

A Social Media Blitz

Support for participants will not end following the official show weekend. We’ll be continuing to share your streams, events, and specials throughout the season. We want to keep our participants and attendees continuously engaged, and offer great content year round, so look for a big effort on our part to promote what you’re doing, even after the event.



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